Starmark Financial LobbyStarmark Financial was founded in 2021, with its core values based on its people, the process, and results. Our mission is and always will be to deliver outstanding customer service by focusing on “best in class” treatment.

Starmark may be a new company, but our founder Brett Silver has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the financial industry, with a combined 30+ years of experience.

The process of customer relations that we’ve developed over the years involves always putting the customer first. We take each customer’s situation and treat it individually, listening and learning as much as we can to help our customers resolve financial hardships and on the path to peace of mind. Our results come from our knowledge of the debt buying business, and on creating a culture of forward thinkers.

As Brett has always done, we focus on hiring the best talent, mastering innovation, and constant improvement of our state-of-the-art training and tools to adapt to ever-changing environments.