Brett Silver – Founder and CEO

Brett Silver

Brett Silver, Founder and CEO of Starmark Financial, has over 30 years of experience in every aspect of the Accounts Receivable Management industry.

After graduating from Monmouth University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business/Finance, Silver started in the mail room at Allied Bond and Collection Agency, the family business owned by his father. From there, Silver learned the business from the ground up, working in every department of the company, including collections, training, marketing and others.

After several years at Allied Bond and Collection, Silver became the Founder and Managing Partner at NCB Management Services, where he remained until 2019. At NCB, Silver was responsible for operational control of the company, overseeing its growth and success.

Brett’s continued success through the years is due to his dedication, both to clients and employees. His focus has always been on delivering results, and on the needs of employees that drive those results. Silver has always believed in making employees a part of the process, treating clients with respect, and offering real solutions to people with financial problems.

Brett and his partner Susan Richards founded Starmark Financial in 2021 with the goal of serving clients and their reputations more effectively. Starmark is dedicated to improved results through technology and analytics, while staying focused on vendor relationships, employee effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.