Starmark Financial provides a wide variety of debt services to our clients and customers. Our seasoned professionals have a great deal of experience in multiple types of debt, and our cutting edge technology allows our customers to pay the way they feel works best for them.

Credit Card Debt – Credit card debt often carries the highest interest rates, and accounts for a large portion of an individual’s credit profile. Paying off credit card debt and/or keeping balances low are both very helpful towards boosting one’s overall credit score.

Consumer Loan Debt – Consumer loan debts include mortgages loans among others. They are extended by a bank, the government, or a credit union. Consumer loans can be set up with a fixed or variable rate, be revolving or non-revolving, and can often come with a high interest rate.

Car Loan Debt – Car loan debts become a serious problem when someone loses their job, goes through a divorce, or endures some sort of financial hardship. Millions of Americans finance their car purchases, and about 5% of consumer debt today comes from car loans.

Fintech Debt – Fintech is described as using financial technologies to streamline aging processes. Lenders nowadays provide much more personalized programs for home buyers and others. Examples of Fintech companies include SoFi, Affirm, Cabbage and others.

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