Daniel Venditti – COO

Daniel Venditti

Daniel Venditti, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Starmark Financial. His professional journey, spanning over 25 years, is rich with various roles across finance and collections organizations, providing him with a profound understanding of the sector from the frontline to executive leadership.

Over the course of his career, Daniel has demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities, managing both new and seasoned employees. He has personally trained first-time collectors in all aspects of collections, ensured compliance, inculcated best practices, and introduced new techniques among seasoned staff. His direction has guided his teams, sometimes over a hundred members strong, to achieve personal, team, and industry benchmarks.

As a Vice President of Collections, he demonstrated astute financial management by purchasing and managing over one hundred debt portfolio purchases, and also managed an internal and external legal collections network.

Daniel’s extensive experience includes serving as a Chief Operating Officer and Partner, where he was responsible for overseeing all support functions including Collections Operations, Client Service, Information Technology, Programming and System Development, Performance Management, Sales & Marketing, and Back Office Operations.

As a Senior Compliance Officer, he led a large compliance team for a multisite, 500+ employee collection organization. He evaluated new vendors, managed onsite audits of current client operations, and was instrumental in creating, implementing, reviewing, and revising company policies and procedures across all operational areas.

In his role as an Enterprise Vendor Manager for a large auto finance lender, Daniel expertly managed vendor relationships, reviewing performance and overseeing the overall operation of the company, and also managing all aspects of collection outsourcing and debt sales.

As a Director of Consumer Contact Operations, he was responsible for onboarding, developing, and managing multisite contact center technology and compliance controls.

In September 2021, Daniel brought his wealth of experience to Starmark Financial as COO. Here, he manages daily operations and strategy and supervises the collections staff to ensure the company’s directives and compliance standards are met.

Daniel maintains an active involvement in the industry. He currently serves as an ACA International Certified Instructor, Board Member for the Mid Atlantic Collectors Association, and on the Education & Legislative Committees for RMAI.

In summary, Daniel Venditti’s distinguished career in collections, robust leadership experience, and active industry involvement make him an invaluable asset as the Chief Operating Officer at Starmark Financial.